Unreal 4 Tech Demo

I want all the bump maps to rain upon me.

Thanks to Alex for bringing me around to the Skeetwood Mac mix tape album. I finally got around to putting it on repeat.

» First-person Hyperlapse Videos

This technology to smooth out Go Pro videos is simply amazing. I need to be involved with development projects like this.


Tiny firefly kids!!! - Imgur


Tiny firefly kids!!! - Imgur

» Designer Duds: Losing Our Seat at the Table


If design hadn’t triumphed by 2012, it had by 2013.

Three years after launching the iPad, Apple was the world’s most valuable company, and even second-order pundits knew why: design. Steve Jobs’ remark that design was “how it works” had achieved what seemed like widespread comprehension, and…

Concerning Paper, I didn’t love it until they added messages though I’m disappointed by Facebook’s desire to wall their features into specific apps. I feel like I enjoy Paper specifically because it has less features and content which makes it easier for me to rapidly consume. I’d love your analysis on Foursquare and Swarm if you haven’t discussed it already.

“On the list of companies that mistreat their suppliers, Amazon is one that stands out,” said Sucharita Mulpuru, an analyst at Forrester.

Has This Ever Actually Happened

A room full of people is conversing. A seemingly important person walks in to talk to someone in said room. Said important person immediately asks everyone “to give them a moment,” expecting everyone else to leave. While this trope occurs in every TV drama I’ve ever seen, I’ve yet to see it actualize in reality. 

Which is a shame, because this would be quite the experience to witness at family events or birthday parties. What a social experiment, to just walk around asking everyone else to leave the room you just entered. I bet most people would do it too, because they are so accustomed to it happening on TV. They’d just assume you meant business.

Media Shock

I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fault In Our Stars back-to-back, and the vast tonal shift has left me in emotional shock  though they share a common theme of cellular mutation…

» Should Robotics Companies Help The Workers They Displace?

Im a firm believer that the next industrial revolution is coming and that America won’t be prepared for it.